About us


Phlebtech Management Solutions: Scaling Business and Transforming Home Healthcare

Phlebtech Phlebtech Management Solutions – LLP is a combination of Professional Doctors, Lab Technicians, Phlebotomists etc. has been incorporated on 24th Feb 2021. Our Company provides services of Phlebotomy to Different Labs/LGs*/Collection Centres etc. We are working on the Ground since a year ago in DELHI-NCR. Our Phlebotomists Collect the Blood Samples from Homes and drops the samples at the drop points or nearby tied Up Labs.

Vision & Mission

to achieve mobile home services in every medical field

to provide every medical facility in pan india.

to integrate every medical facility under one app with calls and sms.

to provide medical facility at home or office and make it user-friendly so that medical needs can be reached by each and every citizen in india and abroad through mobile apps either in urban or rural.